Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (2024)

Out of all the Disney stars the House of Mouse has given us (hi, Ryan Gosling), Zendaya has probably gone on to have the coolest post-Mickey career. Like, obviously the unsung hero known as Kevin Jonas is right up there with her, but has he juggled a superhero franchise, a buzzy glitter-filled show, and birthday wishes from Timothée Chalamet? No! He! Has! Not!

Zendaya, who stars in HBO's drama Euphoria (and ur new fav 🥵 film Challengers), comes from a huge family in California, so let's get nosy and learn everything there is to know about her parents and all five of her siblings. Behold, the internet deep dive you crave but are too lazy to do yourself (been there…in fact, never not there).

But first...this truly adorbs pic of bb Zendaya and her parents in 2013:

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (1)

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Jump to:

  • Zendaya’s mom: Claire Stoermer
  • Zendaya’s dad: Kazembe Ajamu Coleman
  • Zendaya’s brother: Julien “EZ” Coleman
  • Zendaya’s brother: Austin Coleman
  • Zendaya’s sister: Kaylee Coleman
  • Zendaya’s sister: Katianna “Kizzi” Coleman
  • Zendaya’s sister: AnnaBella Coleman

Zendaya’s mom: Claire Stoermer

The Euphoria star and her mom (a former teacher) are super tight. Zendaya told Vanity Fair that her mom’s decision to never wear makeup had a huge impact on her growing up: “My beauty icons are the women in my life. My mom didn’t wear makeup; I don’t think she knew that to me, it was empowering that she didn’t care.”

Baby pic of Zendaya and Claire in 3...2...1...

Also, very important side note: Zendaya’s mom wins at trolling, as is evidenced here:

And again here when people were speculating that Z and Tom had secretly gotten engaged 👀:

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (7)

P.S. Claire has her own jewelry line, which Zendaya wears all the time. Peep the prettiness below:

More recently, they cheered on athletes at the U.S. Open in 2022, and these facial expressions are *everything*:

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (9)

Zendaya’s dad: Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Zendaya is also very close to her dad/manager, as anyone who follows her on Instagram already knows. This dude is very protective of his daughter, and if you’re looking for proof, allow me to direct your attention to how he reacted when reporters asked him whether Zendaya was “dating” Odell Beckham Jr. To quote: “What relationship? There’s no relationship.…It’s like an audition. It’s an interview.” AHHHHahaha.

Even though her dad seems a lil…strict, Zendaya lived at home with her parents as recently as 2016. Check out what she told Ellen DeGeneres about their relationship:

“I’m really lucky to have the parents I have. They just have always instilled in me those core values that I think I have to carry with me through everything, you know what I mean? For me, there are a lot more upsides than there are downsides [to living at home]. Me and my parents, I feel like we’ve set boundaries, we have territories. Once I hit 18, I was like, ‘Guys, you know I just need you to give me a little space.’”

According to Zendaya’s 73 Questions video for Vogue, she’s moved out of her parents's house now, but that doesn’t mean their relationship isn’t still just as peachy. Here are a buncha cute pics of Z and her dad for you to “awww” over:

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (12)

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (13)

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (14)

You love to see it. Now on to Zendaya’s five super-private siblings—let’s talk about who’s who.

Zendaya’s brother: Julien “EZ” Coleman

Zendaya is the only biological child of her parents, but she has a total of five older half-siblings, including her oldest brother, Julien Coleman (who goes by the moniker “EZ”).

Although he keeps a v low profile, fans at least know that EZ is married to a woman named Sonja, with whom he shares three kids, the oldest being Ezenia (“Zink”). Zink is actually a little more than a year older than Zendaya, and the two have seemingly been BFFs since birth.

I mean, how cute is this besties video Zendaya and Zink did for Teen Vogue??

Oh, and EZ apparently accompanied his sister Kizzi to her prom, which is…also cute?

Zendaya’s brother: Austin Coleman

Just like with EZ, little is known about Austin…except for the fact that he’s definitely not the same person as Darnell Appling. As Zendaya fans likely already know, Darnell is Zendaya’s longtime assistant, who she often jokingly refers to as her brother—but he isn’t. But because of this, tabloids will often incorrectly identify Darnell as Austin when he and Zendaya are out and about together, which is probs why Darnell signed his 2020 IG birthday post for Zendaya with “your brother Austin (Darnell).” Confusing!

Anywho, the real Austin is seemingly wearing the beanie and standing between EZ and Kazembe in the below pic.

Sorry, that’s all we got!

Zendaya’s sister: Kaylee Coleman

One of Zendaya’s sisters is named Kaylee, and all we know is she was born in the “late 2000s.” She's attended some events with Z, including a party celebrating Michael Jackson's “Scream” in 2017:

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (19)

Zendaya’s sister: Katianna “Kizzi” Coleman

Zendaya also has a big sis Katianna (nicknamed “Kizzi” by the fam), who Zendaya seemingly cited as one of her biggest influences. As she told Time in 2015, “I look up to my big sister and realize the influence she’s had on me and making me a better person.” Aww.

Although Kizzi doesn’t appear to have any public social media accounts, Zendaya told Vogue during a 2019 interview that her oldest sister is married and lives in Oakland with her husband and their two teenage daughters, Imani and Isys (and maybe another little one? Again, honestly unclear).

Zendaya’s sister: AnnaBella Coleman

Like all of Z’s other sibs, AnnaBella is a total mystery, save for the fact that it seems like she’s not much older than Zendaya. Here’s a pic of (maybe?) AnnaBella, Kizzi, and Zendaya, but your guess is as good as ours.

And here’s the whole extended fam.

Can we identify everyone in this pic? Absolutely not. But we’ve accepted it.

Zendaya Has a Huge Family, So Let’s Get Nosy and Learn All About ’Em (2024)
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