32 Best Stops Between Coeur d'Alene and Saskatoon (2024)

The top cities between Coeur d'Alene and Saskatoon are Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park. Glacier National Park is the most popular city on the route. It's 5 hours from Coeur d'Alene and 11 hours from Saskatoon.


Glacier National Park

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National park


The park is home to towering mountain peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and miles of hiking trails that allow visitors to get closer to hundreds of wildlife species. The park was christened the 10th national park in 1910 and is located in Northwestern Montana in the Rocky Mountains.

What a majestic place!We spent 7 days in this wonderful national park and we enjoyed every single minute. Going to the sun road is amazing and very reminiscent of Switzerland. The campgrounds are full in August and make sure you reserve you camping spot several months before your trip. I saw multiple cars driving around looking for a camping spot with no luck. If you love hiking, Highline trail is beautiful for sight seeing and observing the wild animals. The hike can take 10-12 hrs depending on how fast you are and on the hike conditions. We did in August and some spots had snow on the ground due to recent snow storm. Also, you can park the car at the end of the trail and take the shuttle to Logan pass and start the hike there. Make sure you check the shuttle hours since they vary. In addition, keep in mind that going to the sun road is closed from September til early June. My favorite part of the park is the Many Glacier side and we stayed at the Swiss Lodge which is worth to stay at least one night if they have availability. There is another gorgeous hike from many lake to the glacier but you need to take the boat pass or wake up earlier and hike two lake before you get to real hike.

AB T — Google review

This has to be one of the best national parks EVER. There is so much to do, with over a hundred miles of glaciers, waterfalls and more. The campgrounds are very shaded and are VERY popular so book your site in advance! No matter where you stay or what you do Glacier National Park, it is breathtaking for all.

Alicia S — Google review

Glacier is truly the best national park in the country, hands down. The beauty and wildlife speaks for itself, I’ll let the photos do that job. But what Glacier does best is traffic maintenance. They do a phenomenal job managing the reservation and permit process in order to keep the beautiful landscape pristine and free of crowds. I know people get frustrated with the reservation competitiveness, but it’s a necessity for a park this popular, and they really do it better than anyone else. It’s fair and accessible and easy to do if you know what you’re doing. We never had issues getting campsites or vehicle reservations and we went in peak season.This place is massive and you could spend a lifetime exploring it. We spent a week in east glacier and a few days in west. East is better by far. Better hikes and scenery, more wildlife, and no crowds. But the amenities of of the west were nice. Grinnell Glacier is a must do hike, and you must take a dip in the glacier lake. We will definitely be back.

Connor M — Google review

Glacier National Park will always be at the top of the list for us... Words cannot do the park justice. Great trails & activities for all ages. With more than the normal pet accessible areas for a National Park. Glacier has some of the most majestic scenery imaginable. Put it on your Bucket list.

Erik M — Google review

The 15,000+ reviews speak for themselves. You want to experience this gem of a National park while the glaciers are still here.Notice that all negative reviews are from visitors who have not spent a minute researching the proper procedure of entering. We have made several cross-country road trips and have entered and exited the park many times without ever having a problem. The National Park Entrance is open 24 hours, all year round, and will give you access to the Going-To-The-Sun Road from the west side. This is one of the most epic routes in the country, so you don’t want to miss this! HOWEVER, you need to book an online reservation to get in, and the slots are open from May 27 to September 11, 2022. This is a simple procedure that is done online. Do this, and you won’t have a problem entering.The entrance fee is about $35, but we recommend the annual National Park Pass, which is $80, because you can enter unlimited and visit all National Parks. Both are very fair prices for such a unique experience and important place for our environment.Also, bring water, food/snacks and a sun hat. You can easily forget time and wander the entire day.

Chris J — Google review

First time to Glacier National Park and it won’t be the last! What a beautiful place to see. So many hiking trails, waterfalls, pullover lookouts. Great place to bring a bike. Great place to camp. It’s a bucket list must see for anyone who enjoys the beauty of the planet we live on. Amazing place.

Larry — Google review

Glacier National Park is absolutely breath taking. If you love nature and hiking, you have to visit this place once in lifetime. It is mainly a hiking park but if you are not a hiker, you can still visit it for a couple of days. Going to the sun road is amazing and you need reservations for it. Even if you don't book it months in advance, they book a few couple of days in advance. You can stay in whitefish and drive to the park if you don't find any accommodations in the park. Whitefish has some good lodging and dining options.

Kaushal D — Google review

Amazing mountains and views and lakes, even though you don’t see a lot of “Glaciers”! You MUST have a vehicle registration to get into the park, in addition to paying to get in! This has to be done on-line the day before, and you are not guaranteed to get one! If you done get one, get to the park well before 6am and the gates are open, and while it’s an early morning for you, it gets you into the park. Once in, go to Logan’s Pass. There are some great hikes from there (hidden valley lake trail) but the parking lots fills up very fast! The Lake McDonald Lodge is cool to stay at, eat, or take a boat ride. Also, boat rides leave out of Sunrise by the St Mary’s visitor center. The visitor centers do not have food. Bring your own food and drinks in a cooler in your car! Consider taking the bus that takes you throughout the park. It’s a hop on, hop off bus and saves you the hassle of parking if it’s crowded!Go and enjoy the spectacular views!VictorB

Victor B — Google review

Pictures don’t do this INCREDIBLE destination justice. It is absolutely breathtaking and unbelievably beautiful! It’s an incredibly special spot for me too as my husband proposed to me at the top!!! We went in mid September and it was the perfect time to go. Be prepared to be in awe with each turn!!!

Ashley C — Google review

This place is amazing, the mountains are unbelievable. Would 100% go here again. On the drive, we saw multiple mountain goats too, so that was really cool. It is additionally very fun to hike at, and some of the views are just amazing. 5 Stars, would go again.

Intergalactic R — Google review

Literally one of the best National Parks in the U.S, I prefer Glacier over Yellowstone even. The true wildness and beauty of this place will take your breath away. From stunning sunsets, water activities, huckleberrys, unique wildlife, mountains to crystal clear rivers this is the true American West. Plenty of places to hike, camp, and backpack at various elevations! Honestly the entire state of Montana is worth a visit.

S Y — Google review

Wow. Truly breathtaking. My absolutely most favorite park, ever. There are not enough pictures that could describe the beauty this park holds and is. There are so many waterfalls, hiking trails, and gorgeous scenery, that you can spend a week here easily. The west side of the park looks like the pictures, and the east is a bit more dry, but still gorgeous. Very highly recommend. If you don’t want to pay the park fees, you can enter before and after hours as well! (Check their website if they are still doing this) At the top, there is a very popular trail, but the parking lot is very full quickly, so be prepared to go very early or after hours if you want yo get a good parking spot. They do not allow dogs on trails though, so keep that in mind if you travel with yours. Overall amazing park and experience.

Julia R — Google review

The park was incredibly crowded when we visited in mid-July. It was almost impossible to find parking at any location after 8 am. Arrive very early if you want more ease in that respect. We had a little haze from the Canadian fires, but other than that, it was absolutely spectacular!!

Katherine W — Google review

Its on the top of the list among the National parks I visited. Grinnell lake overlook is a must must hike, would definitely come back for it.Other things we did were going-to-sun-road, Avalanche lake hike(trail of ciders), hidden lake hike, motor boat at lake McDonald.Its a must visit place, with all majestic views everywhere.

Kirandeep K — Google review

One of the top National Parks, absolutely amazing. Beautiful views, scenic vistas, towering peaks, has it all. Road to the sun is a great drive, but do it EARLY! We started at 6am and had no problems finding parking or stopping to take pics. On the way back, by 10am, everything was packed, no parking.Don't forget the car pass and bring snacks and water!

Daniel J — Google review

This is one of the best national parks I have ever been to. It’s so beautiful and the timing was just so perfect as we went during the beginning of fall colors. The snow just started on the mountains, the white mountains, fall colors , water green trees and some bears. Will be back here sometime so that I could see the place more beautifully

Manmith R — Google review

Glacier National Park is a pristine masterpiece of nature, a haven for those seeking the untamed beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Its majestic landscapes, including snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes, and vast alpine meadows, create a visual symphony that lingers in the soul.The iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road offers a cinematic journey through the heart of the park, revealing panoramic views of glaciers and valleys. Glacial-carved wonders like Lake McDonald and Grinnell Glacier captivate with their serene grandeur, inviting exploration and contemplation.Wildlife enthusiasts find solace in Glacier, where grizzly bears, elk, and mountain goats roam freely. Hiking trails range from leisurely strolls to challenging treks, providing access to hidden gems like Hidden Lake Overlook and Iceberg Lake.Glacier National Park stands as a testament to conservation, preserving a pristine ecosystem for future generations. Whether cruising along the glacial lakes or embarking on a mountain adventure, every moment in Glacier is an ode to the power and beauty of the natural world, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking the sublime in the heart of Montana.

JIMMY G — Google review

Thank you glacier for giving me some good memories and pictures to look back on definitely loved this place and the local towns and city’s near the park, Glacier and Yellowstone both emphasize the beautiful landscape of Montana and how it should be preserved even beyond these parks so future generations and visitors can enjoy such a beautiful place

Chase R — Google review

Glacier is a great place for hiking and majestic views. Make sure to have your bear spray.

April S — Google review

An absolutely dream come true! I always dreamed of visiting Montana and it did not disappoint. I was shocked at how clean the state was. It was pristine and awe inspiring. Although I am afraid of heights, I trekked up the mountains and was left breathless with wonder at the beauty of the scenery. We have nothing like this back home in Delaware. If not for all my family living on the East Coast, I'd pack my bags and move to Montana in a heartbeat.

Amanda S — Google review

Just amazing, awe inspiring, an absolute must. Quite a few easy and moderate hikes, beautiful water falls.

Julie S — Google review

Such a diverse NP! Absolutely beautiful! Climate varies at different levels of the park, so be sure to pack a jacket no matter the season!

Brittney W — Google review

On a recent visit to Montana we drove to Glacier National Park after a snowstorm. It was incredibly beautiful and so peaceful. We walked down to the lake and into the woods. Can't wait to return in the spring.

Joanne K — Google review

A MUST see!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! So much to see! Great for all ages! Every part of this park is absolutely stunning. So many beautiful views, colors and great photo opportunities. So peaceful and serene, very clean.

Danielle — Google review

Stunning beautiful mountains and lakes! We were fortunate to be able to take the Going-to-the-Sun-Road which is almost a 50 mile drive each way. It reaches a height of 6646 and is a narrow two lane highway cut on the mountain sides offering panoramic views of the valley below and the jagged opposing mountains shaped by previous glaciation. Every turn seems to offer a must see perspective, so take your time, pull over and take it in.

Johnsko J — Google review

Most popular city on this route

32 minutes off the main route, 31% of way to Saskatoon


Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada

32 Best Stops Between Coeur d'Alene and Saskatoon (8)32 Best Stops Between Coeur d'Alene and Saskatoon (9)

32 Best Stops Between Coeur d'Alene and Saskatoon (10)32 Best Stops Between Coeur d'Alene and Saskatoon (11)

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National park

Nature & Parks

The Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada boasts of both prairie and mountain landscapes, abundant wildlife species, and diverse vegetation. This unique national park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an International Peace Park, and a Biosphere Reserve due to its different habitats such as prairies, forests, tundra, meadows among others. It offers breathtaking views of the Rockies that meet with flat prairies, a stunning lake and castle on hilltops.

One of my favorite National Park. Not as busy and more quiet than other National Parks in Alberta. Nice variety of trails for all to enjoy nature. Beautiful lake and cute village to wind down and relax.

Linda B — Google review

Beautiful! What more can be said. So many amazing hiking trails. Family friendly or more advanced. Lots of washrooms available at many different trails heads or near one.Amenities in the town are great. I've always had friendly and good service anywhere I've gone, be it a restaurant or a shop. Great picnic spots and day use areas around a beautiful lake.

Sierra H — Google review

A lovely park with some epic views! We recommend Cameron Lake, Bear's Hump Hike, and the views from the Prince of Wales looking back over the water. If you leave here and drive north - make sure you stop at the Grumpy Goat for some great ice cream, too..!

Ryan S — Google review

A place for short getaways and serenity with few options of meals within the area but no fast food chains. However there are good fried chicken, ice creams and burgers around. All within walking distance. Get a cruise down the shoreline for an amazing view of the mountains on the Waterton lake or drive a little downhill to explore some creeks and lakes or to Prince of Wales hotel for an eye opening view.

E L — Google review

This is a must-visit place in your lifetime. Definitely go. It took about 3 hours to drive from Calgary, so it's around a 6-hour round trip. If you visit Waterton around its opening season in May, it’s less crowded than during the peak season. With clear weather, stunning scenery, and beautiful nature, it was a wonderful trip.🏔️🇨🇦

Summer — Google review

Certainly one of the best of the national parks. Plenty of things to do and gorgeous scenery. Also home to one of the best, if not the best, hiking trails in Canada. This park definitely is a must visit.

Austin F — Google review

A beautiful place for few days trip.The lake has clean water but beaches are full of pebbles n rocks so I would recommend to take pair of slippers or pool sandals to use on beaches or in the lake.Few places to visit in the national park n few activities to do including biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, horseback riding etc.Many times you will spot wild life too.definitely, worth of a visit if you like water, mountain n nature.

Payal P — Google review

This park is one of my absolutely favourites to visit in Alberta. The lake is gorgeous and it doesn’t matter where you choose to go in - all spots are fun for swimming. I enjoy the Main Street with the shops and restaurants. I don’t find it to be as busy as other national parks *cough cough Banff* so I feel that you get to enjoy without constantly having tourists around. Red Rock Canyon was a fun stop for the kids to splash around in nature. We will be making a yearly summer trip out as I can’t get enough!

Jessica L — Google review

Waterton National Park is a must visit destination. The beautiful park has many trails for hiking with much breathtaking scenery. Taking the boat tour is another great way to see more amazing views of the mountains on the Waterton lake. We went later in August, the weather was pleasant but very windy. The town's amenities are great, though the town was busy, it wasn't saturated with people.

Lorna T — Google review

I went there in October nothing was open but still its one of my fav trips ever. We enjoyed walking and just seeing nature super soothing. definitely going back this summer. Also super sad seeing dead trees from the fire

Tala A — Google review

Beautiful and stunning national park. I could go hundreds of times and still not get sick of it. Their ice cream shop was amazing. The boats were even better. I recommend if you got some spare money you should go on the boats. Just incredible pictures.

Anonymous — Google review

We were personally greeted by a friendly volunteer. It turned out we were the only ones staying that night and it was a truly special experience.The mountain and meadow views were lovely. The campsite was spacious.There was a flush toilet, no water and no power. There were a few big buildings with picnic tables.

Najm C — Google review

Only stayed here for two days, and it was better than I remembered. My last visit to this place was almost a decade ago, and I remember being bored just being here. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see many wildlife and did not do the available activities, but it was superb nonetheless. My recommendation is to bring a raincoat, jacket, and water. I would also recommend bringing equipment for hiking as well as for kayaking. Out of the three Alberta National Parks, this one is at the top despite its size. Will visit again for the hiking trails and kayaking.

Marco P — Google review

It's an amazing landscape of flat land and mountains with scenic beauty. It's a must visit park to explore the landscape. If you are fortunate enough, you can spot a bear enroute red rock canyon. Bison spotting is fine too..

Husain C — Google review

A must! This is a magnificent national park full of amazing pockets of beauty.We went during the last half of September and seeing the park in autumn was simply jaw dropping. The changing colours of the leaves against a backdrop of rugged mountains, calm lakes and blue skies was like walking into a postcard.At this time, early Fall, there weren’t many tourists which gave us a more comfortable and relaxing stay.We spent a week here, making it our home-base while exploring other parts of Alberta. 2 days or overnight would also be good if you can’t stay any longer. A day trip to Waterton Lakes National Park would be too short a visit. This place has so much to offer.There are many hiking trails around from easy short ones to the more challenging trails, one can select whichever is preferred.There are many coffee shops and restaurants as well in the area, which makes taking a break or having a good solid meal ideal after a hike.

Anna M — Google review

Have been coming here my whole life. I love it here. It's just right in my backyard.

Merlin P — Google review

Amazing National Park. Part of waterton-Glacier national international peace park, this park is huge and beautiful with breathtaking sceneries, crystal clear lakes, cascading waterfalls, rainbow colored streams and towering mountain peaks. A hikers paradise with so many hiking trails.

Manny A — Google review

Highly recommend this park for summer and fall adventures. It is best experienced then. During the winter it really becomes a ghost town, but if you like cross country skiing, fat biking or winter hiking this is a good place to come in the winter too, and especially to experience the high winds this place gets.But, for me summer is best!

Kaila W — Google review

Waterton Lakes National ParkWe had wild fire smoke during our visit, hence the haze, but the views were incredible.Waterton National Park, established in 1895, is Canada's fourth national park and part of the world's first International Peace Park with Glacier National Park. Together, they celebrate peace and cooperation between nations.We had an unforgettable adventure crossing borders from Glacier National Park to Waterton Lakes National Park! The journey started with a smooth border crossing, and we drove in awe to the historic Prince of Wales Hotel.The Prince of Wales Hotel, located in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada, was built in 1927 by the Great Northern Railway. Its name honors the future King Edward VIII, who visited the region in 1927. The Hotel, perched on a hilltop, boasts a rich history. Its majestic architecture and breathtaking views of Upper Waterton Lake make it a true gem of the Rockies!When you visit Waterton National Parkdon't miss these 5 amazing activities:🍁 Hike the iconic Crypt Lake Trail.🍁 Take a scenic boat cruise on Waterton Lake.🍁 Explore the Red Rock Canyon.🍁 Witness the stunning Cameron Falls.🍁 Stargaze under the dark skies.

Derek A — Google review

Beautiful Park and Village. Lots to see and do. Highly Recommend

Jennifer W — Google review

One of the most beautiful national parks in Canada. One can bike, kayak and hike! Youtube video about things you can do in Cameron Lake area:https://youtu.be/c6_wNXLCMbs

Juye — Google review

Oh my goodness! In the 30+ years I've lived in Alberta, I'd never been to Waterton until recently....and WOW! What a wonderful place to explore. There are so many hikes and trails and gorgeous spots to experience. It's a must see for locals and tourists alike!Pictures are from the village of Waterton as well as Cameron Falls.

Dayna B — Google review

I did a day trip from St Mary, MT to Waterton Lakes National Park and it was well worth the day I spent . The park is not quite as majestic as Glacier National Park on the USA side of the border but it's still beautiful and if you are visiting Glacier National Park you should take the time to see the Canadian side. The town of Waterton makes for an excellent stop in the middle of the tour of the park with lots of shops, places to eat and hotels.

James F — Google review

Beautiful nature. Amazing in Fall. Restaurants close by September. Take food with you as there is no place to eat. But I like going there during off season because it's very quiet.

Wanshika K — Google review

This national park is one of the most beautiful national park I have ever seen in Canada. Plenty of places to see and visit. Amazing hikes and campsites!

Sandeep S — Google review

31% as popular as Glacier National Park

41 minutes off the main route, 41% of way to Saskatoon

32 Best Stops Between Coeur d'Alene and Saskatoon (2024)
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